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General FAQ

  • I need to buy textbooks that are not showing up on the website
    You can send us an enquiry and we will do our best to procure the textbooks off the website. Please keep in mind that minimum order vales will apply.
  • Why is my order marked as “on Back Order”?
    Orders marked as “Back Ordered” are to indicate that the publisher/main source has run out of stock and that new stock are printed or imported. For local titles this process takes about 4 weeks from date of order.
  • How long before we can expect the textbooks to arrive?
    After order placed, it usually takes about 10 days for books to be delivered for in stock items. For out of stock items or print on demand stock, it might take longer. These delays will be communicated to customers and regular updates will be sent.
  • Won’t we pay more for textbooks if we use a third party such as Nobel Books?
    At the most, for small orders it will cost exactly the same as when buying directly from Publishers. However, for larger orders we are even able to supply textbooks at Publisher’s price, less discount. Please send us an enquiry to find out about discounts for schools.