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The Shark Caller

“I want to be able to call the sharks. Teach me the magic and show me the ways.”

Blue Wing is desperate to become a shark caller, but instead she must befriend infuriating newcomer Maple, who arrives unexpectedly on Blue Wing’s island.

At first, the girls are too angry to share their secrets and become friends. But when the tide breathes the promise of treasure, they must journey together to the bottom of the ocean to brave the deadliest shark of them all…

The Shark Caller

The Shark Caller

by Zillah Bethell


  • Recommended class reader for grades 6 – 9
  • English Home Language & First Additional Language
  • ISBN: 9781474966849

“Dive into the captivating world of “The Shark Caller” , where ancient traditions, courageous young heroes, and the secrets of the deep sea converge in a thrilling and heartwarming adventure for readers of all ages.”



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Review of the book The Shark Caller by Zillah Bethell.

“The Shark Caller” by Zillah Bethell is a captivating and heartwarming young adult novel set in the remote islands of Papua New Guinea. The story follows the life of young Blue Wing, a courageous and resilient girl who has grown up in a traditional fishing village. Blue Wing possesses a unique talent – she can communicate with sharks through an ancient ritual known as “shark calling.”

When tragedy strikes her family, Blue Wing embarks on a journey of self-discovery and healing. She decides to use her extraordinary gift to save her island community from a looming danger: a destructive oil company that threatens their way of life and the fragile ecosystem of their home.

As Blue Wing sets out on her quest, she forms an unlikely friendship with a visiting scientist, Maple, who has her own secrets and sorrows. Together, they navigate the challenges of their respective worlds and face the formidable forces that threaten their island paradise.

“The Shark Caller” is a beautifully written story that explores themes of family, friendship, environmental conservation, and the importance of preserving indigenous cultures. It immerses readers in the rich culture of Papua New Guinea while weaving a tale of bravery, hope, and the enduring connection between humans and nature. Bethell’s lyrical prose and vivid storytelling make this book a poignant and thought-provoking read for both young and adult audiences.

“The Shark Caller” by Zillah Bethell is generally most suitable for young adult readers, typically ranging from ages 12 to 15. The book deals with themes such as friendship, environmental conservation, and cultural preservation, making it particularly engaging for readers in this age group who are exploring their own identities, interests, and values. However, it’s worth noting that the book’s engaging storytelling and rich cultural backdrop can also appeal to older readers who enjoy young adult literature or are interested in the themes explored in the novel. Ultimately, the suitability of the book may vary depending on an individual reader’s maturity and reading preferences.


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