The number one school textbooks supplier since 2008!

About us

Nobel Books have been supplying public and private schools with textbooks since 2008. Where we started with a small storeroom back then, we have now streamlined our logistics process and have partnered up with a well-known logistics company. We are now able to process orders and deliver textbooks with lighting fast speed across all 9 provinces in South Africa.

Nobel Books have also managed to keep prices down and still delivers textbooks to schools at highly competitive prices. We offer a one stop service, where schools can place one order for multiple different publisher’s textbooks. We track all the different little orders and send regular updates right up until delivery takes place at the school.

At Nobel Books our aim is to take the toil out of textbook procurement, so that school personnel can focus on what really matters to them, and let us do the following up and chasing down of orders.